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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our New Stove Passes EPA Testing – With Ease!

Our newest Hybrid wood stove (now known as the Absolute Steel Hybrid) passed the EPA testing with flying colors.  The EPA standard, expected no later than 2020, is for a residential wood stove to have a weighted average of approximately 2.0 g/hr.   Our new Absolute Steel Hybrid passed the test at approximately 0.7 g/hr.  Yes indeed. This result puts the Absolute Steel Hybrid in the top six stoves for low emissions.  This means our newest hybrid, the Absolute Steel Hybrid, is in the top two percent of all stoves tested in the last 25 years.  It is an absolute winner!
The next step is for the testing laboratory to submit a test report to the EPA.  The wait is usually about two months for us to get “officially” certified.  We cannot ship any Absolute Steel Hybrid stoves until we receive our official certification.

Crib Wood
There is a little side story about our recent EPA testing.  In November, we petitioned the EPA to allow us to test with cordwood, instead of the “cribs” that the EPA has required since it started the regulation of wood stoves.  In mid-December, we had not heard from the EPA regarding our petition so we decided move forward and test our Absolute Steel Hybrid using cribs.  As luck would have it, our cordwood petition was approved after we started testing with cribs.  We may go ahead and test again with cordwood in the near future, just to prove that the results are similar. Cribs or cordwood, we are confident our Absolute Steel Hybrid will easily pass every test.  

To read more about this and see the videos on our preliminary cordwood tests, please use the links below:

We are gearing up to start shipping our newest hybrid this Spring with special introductory prices for early orders.  Details about ordering the Absolute Steel Hybrid will follow soon.