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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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  •  Top Down Fire

            Meet the New Survival Stove

            Survival Stove - The Orchard
            For the last 14 months, we’ve been working vigorously to develop a small hybrid wood and coal stove for the Navajo Nation - a stove that is clean, efficient and inexpensive.  The development of that stove is finished, and we’ll begin shipping Navajo Stoves to the Navajo reservation in late December/early January.

            Now we want to introduce the related Survival Stove - a small hybrid wood stove which we will also begin shipping at the end of this year.  This stove shares the same wood combustion technology as the Navajo Stove and is designed to heat about 1,000 sq. ft., with a hybrid combustion system that is 79.43% efficient, has average emissions of 1.05 gm/hr and produces 15,332-27,294 BTU/hr under the current EPA test protocols.

            Survival Stove - The Lodge
            The Survival Stove has been a big hit with our internal beta testers.  The firebox is small (1.15 cu ft) but the stove puts out a lot of heat.  It’s very clean and very efficient.  It doesn’t take up too much space - the hearth pad for this stove is just 32” wide x 40” deep.  Clearances are just 9” from the corners, sides and back to combustible walls.  Height is adjustable.  Each stove comes with an ash pan and all close-clearance shields.  We have also designed three tools (poker, ash rake, and shovel) that hang from the side shield.

            Specifications and prices to follow in the next few days!  

            Wednesday, November 15, 2017

            ...Through The Wood...

            “ Over the River and Through the Wood” is a famous line from “The New-England Boy’s Song about Thanksgiving Day”.  The poem was originally published in the book “Flowers for Children”, depicting a story about a family riding in a sleigh on their way to
            Side Panel
            Grandfather’s house for a Thanksgiving dinner.  The poem weaves a scene of a child’s delight for the fun and festivities of the season.

            Our November Steal of the Month will delight your family with artwork of the season; a full moon shining down on a cozy homestead in the woods, a buck nearby in the birch trees with newly fallen snow; all images that surely capture the essence of the season.

            You and your family will enjoy the more than 60,000 BTU’s of heat output that our Ideal Steel Hybrid provides, while watching the red and gold flames of the fire. Your Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove is not only warming your home, but it is also super efficient and has exceptionally low emissions.

            Enjoy your holiday season by enhancing your home with our November Steal of the Month “Through
            the Wood” artwork collection on your new Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove.  Warm up your home with while saving money on this special offer.  Our customer service representatives are ready to answer any questions or take an order. You can call us Monday through Saturday 9-5 Eastern time at 1-800-866-4344.

            Don’t wait, when November is gone, this special deal will be ‘over the river and through the wood’.

            Wednesday, November 1, 2017

            Navajo Testing is Complete!

            Navajo Beta Stove
            A little over a year ago, we started working on a design for a clean-burning wood/coal stove for use in the Navajo Nation, located at the “4 corners” where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah meet.  In February, 2017, we installed a series of “beta” stoves in Navajo homes on the reservation, as well as test homes here in New Hampshire.  An early test model is pictured here.  The stove has undergone significant changes, which we will detail in subsequent posts.

            We finished with the design development last summer, and recently completed testing for EPA certification, and a listing to UL 1482.  Those test reports have been submitted, and we hope to have approvals before the end of the year.

            The stove is a hybrid wood stove (with secondary combustion and a catalyst), and an underfire coal stove (with significant secondary combustion).  Part of the design challenge was converting the airflow from wood to coal.  
            Model of Airflow in the Navajo Coal/Wood Stove
            The average weighted emissions for wood was 1.048 grams per hour, with efficiency of 79.43%.  Average emissions with coal was 4.95 grams/hour, with efficiency of 59.7%.  We sacrificed quite a bit of efficiency to clean up the coal emissions.

            It is a small stove, with a firebox of just 1.15 cubic feet and heat output of 15,332 – 27,294 BTU/hr burning wood, and 7,741 – 10,189 BTU/hr burning coal.

            More details in the coming days...

            Friday, October 13, 2017

            It’s the Most Scariest Time of the Year!

            Halloween - or All Hallows’ Eve - arrives on the last day of October.  The days get shorter, darkness settles in early, the temperatures turn colder.  We decorate our homes with jack-o'-lanterns, ghosts and yes, ravens.   
            Raven Side Medallions

            Vampires, Wood Devils, Wizards and of course, Witches all figure prominently in classic folklore.  Goblins, headless horsemen, headstones, and cobwebs are seen adorning yards and shops. The woods are full of spooky old trees, the fields are bare, and haunted houses dot the landscape.  This is a scary time of the year!

            This month, our Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove is adorned with ravens, but it’s not scary. This is no trick- in fact, it is our treat!  With startling low emissions, a super long burn time, and shocking low pricing, our October Steal of the Month is a treat you don’t want to miss.

            Raven Andirons

            The Raven’s intelligence is legendary, it also symbolizes freedom and eternal life.  With a 12-14 hour burn time,  our Ideal Steel hybrid will provide you freedom from feeding your stove every few hours. The Hybrid technology is the intelligence behind the super-efficient burn and low emissions.  The soapstone adds constant radiant heat, making the Ideal Steel stove unique.

            With prices this low, this October Steal of the Month is so wonderful, it’s frightening! Owners are ‘Ravin’ about their Ideal Steel stoves.  No need to be afraid of the upcoming winter with this stove to warm your bones.

            Raven Burners

            Don’t wait to take advantage of our October Steal of the Month.  Call our factory today at 1-800-866-4344 to speak with a customer service representative.  We are happy to assist you with color options, shipping, installation or any other questions you may have.

            Call today because when October ends, this deal will be nevermore.