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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A (Palladian) Phoenix Rises: The Restoration of a Damaged Palladian Wood Stove

Condition of Palladian in need of refurbishment
  We have restored many stoves for customers who lost their homes, and most of their possesions, to floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires. Sometimes the only thing left standing after these disasters was our customer’s Woodstock Soapstone stove. Many of these stoves make their way back to our factory to be restored.  For our customers, the stove may be the only surviving item from their “pre-disaster” life.   

  Our stove builders have yet to encounter a stove that could not be fully refurbished. In the next couple of pages, we’ll highlight some of the refurbishment stages that the 15 year old Palladian (pictured above) went through to get it back in “Like New” condition.  This stove survived a house fire (not related to the stove) and then sat in a barn for three years.  It arrived with lots of rust, and not in usable condition. 

  The first step in the restoration process is the initial assessment to determine what parts need replacing, how much labor will be involved, and what the customer’s expectations are.