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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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            The Ides of March

            Beware the Ides of March - but not at Woodstock Soapstone!  We love the Ides of March.  This is when we commemorate our March Steal of the Month.  

            Roman Acanthus Leaves Hanger
            March has inspired us to bring ornamental Roman acanthus leaves to our Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove.  Just as the acanthus leaves graced the Roman columns, our Steal of the Month artwork has acanthus leaves to grace your stove.   The symbolism of the Acanthus is that of enduring life.  We feel this symbol is very appropriate for a hybrid wood stove that will give you continual lasting heat for a very long time.

            Free Tool Set
            Enduring lasting heat, decorated with grace and beauty, combined with high efficiency and low emissions.  The Ideal Steel Hybrid is what a wood stove should be.  Add to that, you can count on us here at Woodstock Soapstone, just check out our guarantee! 

            The Ides may come around every month but this month’s Steal will not last long.  Don’t lose out on this very special offer, give our office a call today at 800-866-4344 to get your Ideal Steel Steal of the Month.

            Roman Acanthus Leaves - ORN011

            Thursday, February 16, 2017

            Steal of the Month Extravaganza!

            We have been so busy in our research and development department, creating and building the stoves for the Navajo Reservation, that our Steal of the Month Specials have been in hiatus.

            To make up for this lapse, we are announcing our biggest and best Steal of the Month selection that we have ever offered.  Four choices – four different groups of artwork to choose from.  Yes – you read that correctly – four different groups of artwork to choose from.  Choose a design from any of the last four months at our best Steal of the Month Sale. 

            From the November Deer Season to the February Celtic Spring, we are celebrating the best of each of the last four months as shown here. 

            NOVEMBER is Deer Season – ANM046

            DECEMBER observes the Heavenly Messenger – MYT014

            JANUARY celebrates the Nordic Adventure – CLA018
            FEBRUARY brings us to the Celtic Spring – CUL017

            The price on our Ideal Steel Steal of the Month, regardless of which month you choose, is $2,050.00. This includes the Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove with the ash pan, soapstone liner, soapstone side panels, and the artwork. This is the best price we have ever offered for a fully loaded Steal of the Month.  With the Steal of the Month, you also receive a tool set which includes the hanger to attach to your stove and three very useful tools, the rake, shovel and poker.  This set retails at $60.00, we will add it to your order free of charge.

            Don't miss out on this exceptional sale!  Now is the perfect time to add an Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove to your home.