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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Signs of Autumn

Apple Tree Side Medallion 
When autumn arrives in New England, there is a quintessential appearance to the landscape.  Apples and pumpkins are ready, and waiting to be picked.  The deciduous trees are showing off their coloring skills.  This is a time of great beauty as mother earth prepares for the coming of colder weather.  We are given one final burst of colorful splendor before the countryside turns to gray and white.

In September, signs of autumn are everywhere – even on our Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove!  September’s Steal of the Month has apple trees, maple leaves, oak leaves, and there is even a pumpkin on our stove this month.  You can bring the beauty of the season into your home with our picturesque gathering of autumnal icons.  Plus, the customizable options of our Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove allows you to choose copper, green or brown accents.  
Side and Center Burners
Acorn Tool Hanger
Autumn’s arrival brings chilly days and cool crisp nights; nevertheless, your Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove won’t leave you out in the cold.  Snuggle up to the warmth of the fire while sipping your hot apple cider, or eating your pumpkin pie.  Put a kettle of water on the stove with a bit of cinnamon in it to add a little spice to your life.
Oak Leaf Andirons 

Acorn Tools
Take advantage of our special pricing for this splendid collection of the signs of autumn.  The Steal of the Month is the lowest price offered for the Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove, fully loaded, with all of the options. But wait - there's more! You also get a free tool set!

Give our factory a call at 800-866-4344, or reserve your stove online using our online reservation form.  Our customer service team is happy to answer any questions you may have about delivery, installation, color options, and accessories.  Don’t wait for winter to arrive at your door.  Call our factory today because Our Steal of the Month will be gone at the end of September, just like the leaves! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Recent Posts

  •  Top Down Fire

            Tuesday, August 15, 2017

            August Migration

            August is upon us. The days are getting shorter, and twilight comes earlier. We notice the birds are getting ready for their migration south. Nature knows winter is just around the corner.  
            Songbirds Side Medallion

            Here in New England, the Northern Geese are flying south. Their silhouettes are easily seen against the fading summer light. Leaves are showing hints of orange and gold. There is a crispness in the night air.

            For those of us who do not migrate South during the winter months, there are other solutions to keeping warm.

            Songbirds Burners
            Here at the Woodstock Soapstone Company, we have a beautiful solution, our Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove. The Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove will provide your home with beauty, warmth and comfort. Added to that is the bonus of this month’s Steal of the Month, a charming assortment of songbirds. From Cardinals to Hummingbirds, Robins to Blue Birds, we have created a delightful collection of songbirds to grace our mighty Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove.

            Ideal Steel Songbirds Andirons
            Unlike the songbird, the Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove will not eat its weight in wood. The advanced technology in our Ideal Steel Hybrid gives you twice the burn with half the wood. The combined efficiency of the hybrid burn, with the low emissions, is what makes the Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove an award winner.

            Ideal Steel Songbirds Hanger
            Don’t wait to take advantage of the August Ideal Steel Steal of the Month. This offer will be migrating at the end of the month! This is your opportunity to own an award winning stove, complete with beautiful songbirds. This is truly a stove that will warm your heart and your home.

            Give our friendly customer service team a call at 800-866-4344, or reserve your stove online using the Woodstock Soapstone Ideal Steel Hybrid Online Reservation Form. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about delivery, installation, color options and accessories.

            Don’t let this offer fly away – call today!

            Wednesday, July 19, 2017

            Sizzling Summer Dragons – Turn Up The Heat!

            Our Ideal Steel ‘Steal of the Month’ is sure to turn up the heat! This Dragon sizzles even without a blaze.  Just imagine how much heat you will get this winter when our Mystic Dragon shows off a real fire!

            Mystic Dragon Side Medallion
            Dragons are symbols of strength, loyalty, energy and protection. Like the Loch Ness dragon, who is the legendary protector of the Lochs in Scotland, the Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove will protect you and your home fearlessly from winter’s cold weather.   

            For more than seven centuries stories and legends about dragons have enchanted and enthralled gatherings around the hearth. Now you can have your own dragon to enhance your hearth, whether it is Puff the Magic dragon, or a fierce fighter. Either is sure to warm your bones and sizzle up a fine stew on the top this winter. 

            Mystic Dragon Tool Hanger
            Mystic Dragon Tools

            Mystic Dragon Andirons
            Unlike dragons of yore, there is no magic in our Ideal Steel Hybrid stove. It is the most up-to-date technology, providing 65,000 of high efficiency BTU’s to heat your home. You also get a record 82% efficiency. Low emissions, and a 12-14 hour burn time. The steal of the month price is so low, on a stove this great - it is truly a legendary deal!

            Don’t drag-on this deal, it won’t last forever. Next month, this Ideal Steal of the Month will be only a myth. Call our office today at 1-800-866-4344, or reserve your Ideal Steal of the Month on line at, today!

            Mystic Dragon Burners

            Saturday, June 10, 2017

            A Whale of a Tale

            Come gather round, I have a whale of a tale to tell you; about a stove that started out as a fish.

            The creative minds at the Woodstock Soapstone Company were challenged to develop a wood stove that not only heated well but was also affordable and environmentally friendly.  Steel and soapstone  were combined to make a stove that was budget minded while utilizing the unique properties of soapstone to hold and radiate heat.  

            But wait, there’s more!  Why not build a stove that can burn for a long time, and use less wood at the same time.  Why not build a stove that is unique for each customer by adding design elements that can be customized?  

            Ideal Steel Center and Side Burners

            Whale Tail Andirons
            Fish Toolset
            Always thinking outside the firebox, the designers at the Woodstock Soapstone Company wondered if a stove could be built that was not only supremely functional and efficient but it also made a real statement in a home.  What if the stove could look like, say, a fish?  The engineers and designers got to work and made a stove that looked like a huge fish.  The Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove is a real trophy stove, with a grand prize to prove it.  (Read all about it in Popular Mechanics) Everyone thought; this is exactly what we had in mind, this is ‘Ideal’.    

            Anchor Side Medallion
            We know not everyone wants a stove that looks like a fish in their home, but this prize-winning stove can be customized with nautical themes. You can have a wood stove that has low emissions, is highly efficient, and comes with a seafaring theme.

            Ideal Steel Winning Design
            Our June Steal of the Month promotion features an anchor side medallion, sailboat side burners, a compass rose center burner, and whale tail andirons.  A matching tool set in a fish motif comes with the Steal of the Month purchase at no additional charge.

            This offer will sail away at the end of June, so don’t delay.  Get to the phone and call us at 1-800-866-4344, or reserve your stove by using our online reservation form.  Be sure to take advantage of this Ideal Steel Steal of Month before the end of June to get this great price on this fabulous stove. You too can then gather around your warm hearth on a chilly evening and tell the tale of the stove that started out as a fish.