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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

News Update: Navajo Stove Project

News Update - Navajo Stove Project

Below is a brief video interview with our Navajo Beta tester Robert Owen, from mid March, 2018.  Robert is one of our Navajo beta testers whose stove was installed this January, 2018.   We also posted on his installation before.  It’s a little bit unclear in the video, but in the six weeks between his installation and this interview he saved two truckloads of wood, which means his fuel consumption was cut in half.  This is what we like to hear.  He also comments that the heat is more even, and his indoor air quality is better: “I can breathe.”  We especially like his comment “I feel like the stove found me.”

Like all of our beta testers, Robert is a genuinely kind and considerate person, and we like him a lot. He has a great family.   We keep in touch by phone and text message.  When we were at the airport in March, waiting to board a plane to come back from NM, we received a text message from Robert asking us to text him when the plane landed in Boston so he would know we were home safe.