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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Navajo Nation Project Update!

Navajo Hogan
It’s gratifying to make a difference!

On Friday, January 12th, our team visited the Navajo hogan where they had installed a stove on Wednesday.  The stove was burning away merrily in the center of the hogan.  Outside, there was no smoke coming out of the stack.  A clean burn! But the most gratifying moment came in the form of this comment from Will Jeffries, one of our Navajo Team members, after the Friday visit:

Navajo Side View with Tools
“This was a good install in that it was clean, uncomplicated, and had an immediate health improvement. The woman living there had a respiratory problem, and she sounded MUCH better today and said things had improved a lot for her and the kids in the two days since the new stove arrived.  She also said they were paying ~$450 per month for wood in the past, so this will definitely help improve their economic situation too.”

Navajo Hybrid Wood Stove

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