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Saturday, December 11, 2010

CAD models of new stove with plinth

For some fireplace installations, the height of our new stove can be reduced by replacing the legs with a plinth base. An ash pan isn't available on the plinth model.

Monday, December 6, 2010

CAD models of our hybrid stove

will have the same eight-sided geometry as our popular Fireview model, but will have a larger firebox and higher BTU rating. These are Solidworks models only. The cast iron frame will have more detail than shown in these models but not as much ornamentation as the Fireview.

Pictured here with a right hand door, a left hand door will also be available. The door has a large soapstone panel. Knob hardware is in the works.
The stove features a 6 inch convertible flue collar so it can be vented from the top or the rear of the stove. An optional ashpan will be available. Check back for pictures of the "short leg" model, which is designed to sit down lower for restrictive fireplace installations.