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Thursday, January 11, 2018

More Photos of the Navajo Nation Project

Contemporary Hogan Home
We are getting towards the end of the first week of the first round of installing the Navajo Stoves.  We are replacing the stoves that were left there last March for beta testing.

These are photos from Tuesday’s demonstration installation near Window Rock, Arizona.  The home is a contemporary hogan and reflects traditional Navajo hogan architecture. 

Old Cast Iron Stove
We replaced an old cast iron stove shell, which was missing its
front door.

Old Cast Iron Stove with Missing Door
Installing the Chimney
Vent pipe and chimney was installed.

Installing the Vent Pipe

This hogan will be a lot warmer, consume a lot less wood for heat, and have indoor and outdoor air that is a lot cleaner!
Finished Product
To view more photos and information about our Navajo Nation Project, please visit our other blogs, or our Facebook page.

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