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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What a Hybrid Wood Fire Looks Like!

Woodstock introduced the first hybrid wood stove
in the USA in 2011

The pictures of a Progress Hybrid below just came in last week from a new customer in Pennsylvania.  The pictures show one thing that many of our customers like about our hybrid stoves - there’s a lot of flame activity, especially at the top of the firebox where secondary combustion occurs.  The flame activity can be quite mesmerizing, and can also be adjusted by changing the amount of air feeding the fire.
Hybrid Secondary Combustion Flames:  they occur at the top of the firebox, where we introduce combustion air to ignite exhaust gasses.

"I’ve called you guys numerous times since I purchased my Progress Hybrid and you have been so helpful and supportive. My wife and I very much appreciate the customer service and of course the stove itself. Here is a picture of our newly renovated cabin in the woods with the stove burning nice and warm.”  The Kemerers, PA
It’s possible (in fact quite easy) to create a situation where the only flames are in the top of the firebox, because the fire itself is just smouldering, but the gaseous exhaust is burning before it exits the stove (see image below).  But these are really just extra benefits; the main reason that we
developed hybrid combustion was to achieve cleaner wood stove combustion and higher efficiency.  Visit our website to review our low emission/high efficiency hybrid wood stoves.

Smouldering fire with only secondary flames visible