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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meet the Winner of the Absolute Steel Hybrid

John Rahill, Winner of the Absolute Steel Hybrid
John Rahill is the winner of our Absolute Steel Hybrid Drawing.  When we first spoke with John, he thought we were making it up, and was not sure of the win.  His friends mentioned they read about him winning the Absolute Steel Stove, which warmed him up to the idea. We had the pleasure of meeting John last Saturday. While driving through New Hampshire, on his way home to Vermont, John decided to stop in to visit our showroom.  He met some of our staff, took a tour of the factory, and was able to personally view a few of our Absolute Steel Hybrid designs.

Tall Shaker Absolute Steel Hybrid

After chatting with John, we learned he is leaning towards the Tall Shaker style of the Absolute Steel.  He has not decided on a color or a design motif yet.  We are looking forward to finding out what he decides to get.

Check back with us soon, introductory pricing will be available this week!

Our Commander-in-Chief, Tom Morrissey and John Rahill