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Saturday, December 5, 2015

"V-Dubbing" Proposed Test Protocols

The video below shows the “endpoint” of a high burn, according to a new draft protocol industry has suggested for cordwood testing.  This “endpoint” would also be the “start-point” for medium and low burn cordwood tests.
The high burn endpoint/low burn start-point shown here consists of a charcoal bed that is 30% of a high burn test load.  We arrive at the 30% figure because the protocol suggested by industry lets us begin the high burn with a coalbed of 20% of the test load, and terminates the high burn when 90% of the test load has been consumed, adding another 10% to the coalbed (20% Beginning + 10% High Burn remainder = 30% coalbed to start low burn). 

The suggested industry protocol would require going through this process before beginning a low burn.  This is alleged to mimic “real world” conditions.

Watch the video below, and ask yourself:  is this the condition most people achieve before loading their stoves for an overnight burn?