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Friday, December 18, 2015

New Design Preview: Modified Designs

We are still working on our designs and changes to our beta designs. Thanks to everyone who responded to our Design Preview and Survey!

We had almost 600 surveys and over 1700 comments so far on our beta designs. The Tall Shaker design has elicited the most number of comments and questions. Based on those comments, we have new previews of a few potential design changes. The stoves have been digitally placed in a home setting to help give a better visual perspective.

While many appreciated the simplicity, many others expressed the desire to see a decorative design to give more visual appeal to the stove. We modified the Prairie and Cottage/Camp fa├žades to work on the wingless front for the Shaker stove.

Tall Shaker Cottage Design
Tall Shaker Prairie Design

With the Tall Shaker, the extended leg opening isn't just wasted space as it can be utilized for storage of wood, or other related material.

Tall Shaker Prairie Design

The height of the Tall Shaker is currently 45.5” tall, but the legs can easily be shortened. The preview below shows the Shaker height at roughly 39.5” (6” shorter than the Tall Shaker).
Short Shaker Cottage Design

Short Shaker Prairie Design

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