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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Couple New Designs: Frog Prince & Bird of Paradise

Here are a couple of new designs - the Frog Prince and the Bird of Paradise.  We’ll have a few more in the days to come - some more traditional, and some completely “outside the box”.  Click on the images to enlarge!
The Bird of Paradise was the creation of Lorin Day, our customer service manager.  Lorin liked the graphic pattern of the feathers, and the challenge of cutting the plumage.

Bird of Paradise

The Frog Price is the creation of Tom Morrissey, who has a collection of frogs (fabric, ceramic, metallic, wood, stone and composite, and who is also a closet fiddle player (hence the image on the fender).  Tom discovered that bullfrogs respond quite actively to the lower parts of old-time fiddle tunes - or maybe they are voicing objections to his playing.

Frog Prince

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