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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Summer is Here and the “Livin’ is Easy”

We have entered into the sixth month of our calendar year – half way through 2016!  June is here, and we are thrilled, what’s not to love about Summer Solstice? 

Ideal Steal Swan Andirons
June brings summer, weddings, and celebration.  Named after Juno, the Goddess of Marriage
and Protector of Women, June also brings us beauty and grace.   Here at Woodstock Soapstone, 
we want to celebrate Juno by enhancing our Ideal Steal Steel of the Month with swans, the symbol of beauty, grace, and love. 

Ideal Steal Swan Side Medallion
Our swans capture the essence of love with their heart shaped silhouettes and romantic profiles.  However, while graceful in movement, swans are known for their strength and determination when protecting their mate and their young. This is why we chose these birds to grace our Ideal Steal Woodstoves.  Not only clean burning with EPA emissions at 1.04 grams/hr (per EPA tests), our Ideal Steal Woodstoves will protect you all winter against the ruthless chill of winter weather.  The Ideal Steal burns at a BTU output rate of 13,017-60,530/hr (per EPA tests).

Ideal Steal Swan Burners

Don’t wait for the ease of summer living to end before garnering your protection against winter’s ferocious wrath.  Take advantage of our Ideal Steal Steel of the Month special pricing, and grace your home with our beautiful swans.  This special pricing is only good for the month of June! 
Ideal Steal Swan Hanger
Ideal Steal Swan Tools