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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Absolute Steel Hybrid is in Production!

We have been anxiously anticipating the first day of production on our Absolute Steel Hybrid Stove, the stoves that are going into the homes of our customers.  And, it's here!!  The welders are very busy creating an amazing hybrid stove that will heat your home with emissions of 0.5 gm/hr.

Welder Creating an Absolute Steel Stove
We have been waiting for the U.L. Listing Labels, they have arrived - just today.  We are printing the Bills of Lading, scheduling the shipping and getting ready to crate the Woodstock Soapstone Absolute Steel Hybrid Stoves.  It is a flurry of activity around here.

The first stoves to ship will be the Wildwood Model, with the doors on the right side.  We are expecting the Wildwood Model with the doors on the left side to ship in a few weeks.

Wildwood Right-Side Door

The steel has been fashioned into the stove boxes, the artwork has been cut.  The andirons are lined up and ready to go.  Stoves are getting painted and hybrid combustion chambers are getting installed.

Absolute Steel Stove Body Boxes

If you are in our area, please stop in and take a tour of the factory!  We are open Monday thru Saturday, 9:00 to 5:00.  We would love to show you all of the activity that is going on.

Absolute Steel Andirons