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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April Steal of the Month: Tulip Mania!

April has finally arrived and many parts of the country are enjoying Spring in all its glory. Tulips are among the first flowers out of the ground so it is not surprising that there are Tulip festivals this time of year from New York to Washington & Oregon, from Michigan & Iowa to Mississippi.  We thought we would do a bit of our own celebration of this first hint of spring by featuring the Tulip our Ideal Steel Stove.  

During Tulip Mania, which peaked in 1637, only the wealthy could obtain tulip bulbs and the flowers. Now, in 2016, you can acquire your own tulips at a ‘steal’ when you take advantage of our Steal of the Month Sale and purchase an Ideal Steel Stove, complete with a bounty of tulips on the sides, top and even inside (andirons) your stove.

Tulip Mania NAT020 • Click to Enlarge

During the month of April, and only during the month of April, you can purchase an Ideal Steel Stove, complete with tulips, and all of the upgrades, for the low price of $2215.00, AND, you will also receive a FREE matching Tulip tool set.  

Join us here at the Woodstock Soapstone Company in our celebration of the Tulip. Take advantage of our April, Ideal Steel, Steal of the Month and enjoy the beauty of Spring all year with the special artwork shown below.

Click to Enlarge

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