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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bow, NH Beta Tester: Stove Design

One of the interesting aspects of our Ideal Steel Hybrid, is that the side medallion, burners, and andirons can be customized.

Kurt, our beta tester in Bow NH, decided to submit a photograph for a customized art set. Below is the file Kurt originally sent,  followed by the side medallion and andiron files we created. The center burner of the stove mimics the side medallion, and the andiron design was taken from the simple leaf like ends on the spiral.

Ariel photograph submitted by Kurt for art design

The side medallion file and andirons that we used for cutting

Kurt's Installation showing the side design


  1. I think it looks better in person.

    1. Kurt, I agree the photograph doesn't quite do justice, and my impression was that the design is most appreciated at a closer viewing range.