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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Time lapse video of the Ideal Steel Hybrid

We are very excited to share this video from Brian K, one of our Ideal Steel beta testers. Brian's video is a 16 hour time lapse, with ever 4 seconds representing about an hour of burning.  Below the video you will see some of Brian's description of the burn and a link to his forum post for more information.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we have!

"You can see at the beginning of the video that I had about 9 large locust splits and three small ones packed in fairly tight. I would call this burn a medium to medium high burn. I started this burn cycle with a cold stove with cold ash bed at 6:00pm, a first floor temp of 68 and outside temps at 4 degrees. (We were running the natural gas furnace for 24 hours prior because I wanted to burn down coals and empty some ash prior to this burn cycle.) At 7pm, stove was throwing off massive amounts of heat, first floor temps were 79 degrees, outside temp 0 degrees, with high wind, and I cut the air back from 50% to 25%. At midnight I needed more heat so I opened air up to 40% at which point in the video the secondary burn reappears after briefly stopping. That was six hours into the burn, outside temps were -12 degrees and first floor temps were 72, and I went to bed.

You can watch the thermometer go up quickly at the start then slowly descend till the end as well as the time period the stove produced usable heat by comparing the thermometer to the total video time. I opened up the air to 100% three hours before the end of the video to burn down the coals and you can see the coals flare up a bit then die down again right before the end of the video." -Brian

If you would like to read more about Brian's time lapse video, please visit his post on the Firewood Hoarders Forum.


  1. When is this stove going to be for sale?

  2. Thank you for your inquiry.
    Our current projection is to have the Ideal Steel Hybrid ready for production around June of this year (2014).
    If you are interested in getting a notification when we start taking pre-orders, please send your contact information to info@woodstove.com.