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Friday, November 15, 2013

Wood Stove Design Challenge: Thursday set up

Tom and the Ideal Steel Hybrid, with all of its accoutrements, made it down to D.C yesterday, and was already set up and running by the afternoon. The official opening of the competition is today at 10:30 and will run through Tuesday at 5:00 pm.

The People's Choice Award will be given at 4:00 pm on Sunday. If you haven't voted yet please do so today at the Popular Mechanics People's Choice Poll.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

Hooking up the Ideal Steel Hybrid

Ideal Steel Hybrid - click to enlarge


  1. Looking good guys, can't wait to see the union in person tomorrow. Sorry I am stuck on that name :)

    Any pictures you can take and post of the event as well would be great, not much coverage out there at the moment.

  2. The BEST Looking stove in the competition!!!!!!!!!