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Friday, August 19, 2011

Progress Hybrid Images & Slow Burn Video

Below are images of the Progress Hybrid woodstove. Note the detail on the front window cast, the loading door (shown here on the right), the legs, and andirons.
Click on either image to enlarge.
The catalytic bypass control is located in the front of the stove, over the viewing window, and works via push-pull. The draft control is immediately behind the loading door (visible on the 3/4 view). This stove has long legs (and ash pan kit).
Come see burning models and see how they are built on October 7 and 8 at our 33rd Annual Open House.  We will have pricing and availability posted in roughly a week.

Check out the video below the pictures showing a slow burn.

Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge

For more information about our Progress Hybrid Wood Stove, click here.

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